They are doomed conceptual band-aids. Let’s unpack why. Plus: the flaw they share with Higher Education

Twitter’s Birdwatch and Facebook’s Oversight Board

Twitter and Facebook (and every other online platform) are grappling with how to handle moderation as the activity on their platforms grows increasingly out of control, with real world ramifications. Birdwatch is Twitter’s answer, Facebook’s is their Oversight Board.

3 reasons for America’s crazed reality, and Trump isn’t one of them

Another economic shockwave is going to hit its stride in 2 years or less. 12 examples of jobs that will be affected, and 12 questions we should be asking. We need an AI plan as badly and urgently as we needed a pandemic plan.

Daniel Hertzberg for Nautilus

Startup/Life Diaries. Something challenging, something learned, something listened, something heard.

Ian Schneider via Unsplash

Mario Vasilescu

Rethinking the attention economy and wonder wandering.

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