8 Good Reasons To Be Suspicious of Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

And if Elon is genuine about the significance of the platform, these are things he should probably address in the open

1. Elon Musk actually has a terrible record when it comes to walking the talk on free speech

2. His apparent (intentional?) amateurish understanding of “free speech”

3. He seems to be okay with arbitrary decision-makers, as long as it’s him

… a transaction that will shift control of the platform populated by millions of users and global leaders to the world’s richest person.

4. Why all the misdirection?

5. Why does he actually want to buy Twitter?

6. What will happen to your data?

The amount of data Elon Musk would have access to if he privatized Twitter ‘cannot be compared to’

7. Is this “The Future of Civilization”?

  1. Imagine you took all of these rules, expectations, and limitations away from the real town square. Or, put another way, enabled “ultimate free speech”. Unfettered participation, no matter what, under any conditions. There is no chance you will enjoy the same benefits that have made town squares what they are. It would become a seedy, probably dangerous, huckster-driven environment of noise.
  2. A town square is also where debates happen and decisions are made. What happens when there is no moderator? No limits or rules? Who do you think will be heard? The most reasonable perspective, or the loudest and most aggressive? Will the brightest minds even bother participating? This is arguably already Twitter’s reality, and rather than trying to improve upon it, this supposed key to the future of civilization would lean into the worst version of itself.

8. These are Musk’s biggest boosters (and who he enjoys catering to) — will he listen to others?

It’s always hard to tell in the crypto crowd what’s real and what’s satire
Yes, somebody really proposed that Twitter — with its 280 char count, fortune cookie “wisdom”, and optimized for quantity of reactions not quality of contributions — would be where meaningful thoughts and opinion get to “duke it out”.
(I identify as a weird nerd, though, so this image hurts me 🥲)


You could argue his offer & whole “Fiduciary Responsibility” angle were off

Via Bloomberg

“‘No board in America is going to take that number,’ said Jefferies analyst Brent Thill.”



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